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eSmart is an evidence-based program which, through a combination of education and policies, has enabled Bayswater Primary to create a school community where the smart, safe and responsible use of communications technology is the norm.

It connects cybersafety with overall wellbeing, and focuses on creating cultures of respect and personal responsibility in addition to providing users with the practical knowledge to ensure their security.

eSmart embraces the positive use of all forms of digital technologies. It fosters, safe, caring, respectful, supportive and inclusive communities, in which bullying and all forms of aggressive or negative behaviours are unacceptable.

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If you would like to report a CyberSafety incident, please complete the Incident Report here


The office of eSafety has a great webpage with lots of information on cybersafety issues. In particular it has lots of practical information on the different social media apps that you and/or your children may be accessing. Visit the site below to find out more….

eSafety - Games and Social Networking