LOTE - Mandarin

Introduced in 2013, students from Foundation to Year 6 learn Mandarin Chinese.

Learning a language during these formative years ensures we are:

Capitalising on a rapid period of brain development
Providing sufficient time for students to master a complex language, particularly its writing system and speaking the language.
Helping our students become 'Asian literate' and understand the Asian culture.

Prep - Year 6 is also a period of emotional development and we place great emphasis on helping students develop positive relationships
with their peers and teachers.

In 2014, we started writing to and establishing a connection with our sister school in China. Students get to write a simple Chinese letter to a student in China hoping through this interaction our students will be able to explore more of the language. This year we plan to introduce the AIM programme in our classroom, in which students can have more fun and also build up their enthusiasm for learning to speak the language through gestures, songs, stories and games.

2020 has seen a shift in the delivery of our Mandarin program.
Using online video conferencing with teachers from various regions of China, we are ensuringauthenticity from the lessons and engagement from our students.

These teachers provide high quality language and culture based lessons that aim to support students in their understanding and appreciation of different cultures.