Student Wellbeing

Research shows there is a strong link between student learning and wellbeing. At Bayswater Primary School, we believe that students learn best when they are healthy, safe, supported and feel connected to their school, family and community. Therefore we have adopted a whole school approach to Student Wellbeing with the following programs being embedded into the school curriculum.

• Daily Mindfulness activities

• Habits of Mind

• Character strength analysis

• Restorative Practices

• Buddies

• Circle Time

• Respectful Relationships

• Ages and Stages – Sex Education

• Regular ‘unpacking’ of the school values

• Positive Education


Our student wellbeing program aims to develop:

• Respect for diversity which includes background, culture and ability

• Personal responsibility for conduct and an awareness of how conduct affects others

• Care and concern for others, their rights, belongings, feelings and opinions

• Increasing independence and responsibility for learning as students move from Prep through to Year 6

• A willingness to contribute positively to the school community


You can also access a PDF version of the Student Engagement Plan by clicking this link.