Recent News

Education Week Open Night

Education Week Open Night will take place on Monday the 23rd of May! We will be inviting our current students and their families along to have a look around our school, meet our wonderful staff in person and look at the work being done by your children in each of their classes. 

New Uniform

We are so excited to see students in our new uniform and school colours! Items can be purchased from the following link.

Virtual Tour and Video Tour

Virtual tour and video tours!Please spend some time having a look around our amazing school here. If you would like the opportunity to see our fantastic facilities and programs in action, please complete this form and we will be in touch shortly, or contact our office directly.

The Bayswater Education Plan

Please click 'Read More' to read about the Bayswater Education Plan. You can also head to the new 'Bayswater Education Plan' page on our website.