The Prep Classroom

The Prep classroom is an exciting and stimulating place where your child will be challenged and supported. Teachers aim to create a safe and happy environment in which children are valued, praised and encouraged to have a go. Classrooms are designed to welcome your child, spark their imagination and arouse their thinking. They feature colourful displays of children's learning materials and artwork. The room is well stocked with books, laptop computers, construction materials and art supplies to ensure each student can flourish.

How to help your child in the classroom:

  • Share with your child good stories and memories of your own school days
  • Be positive about school, teachers and learning
  • Talk with your child about the kinds of activities they will take part in during the school day
  • Talk about friendships and how to be a good friend
  • Take your child to your local library and choose books together
  • Talk about the letters, words and numbers your child sees when shopping, on television, in books and on computer screens
  • Encourage your child's curiosity by asking questions in return
  • Introduce yourself to the families of other children