Kids Hope

What is Kids Hope?

Kids Hope is Australia’s largest early intervention, school-based mentoring program.
It has been impacting the lives of children in Australian schools since 2004.
Over that time thousands of disadvantaged children have been matched with mentors in primary schools.

Bayswater Primary School is grateful to have five wonderful mentors from Bayswater Uniting Church who spend one hour per week with the student they have been thoughtfully matched with.

Caring relationships with mentors have a significant impact on children because they help to meet their emotional and social development needs and enhance their capacity to learn.
Kids Hope mentored children consistently show increased self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

Why does it succeed?

Kids Hope is a successful program that has been constantly growing, improving and impacting mentored children right across Australia for over 10 years.

It has been proven that the children who are given a one-hour mentoring session once a week with a trained mentor show developmental improvement in areas such as emotional, academic and social behaviours.