Visual Arts

Students at Bayswater Primary School receive a 60 min Art lesson per week in an Art room with a Visual Art specialist.

The Visual Arts program encompasses the art methods of drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, ceramics, modelling, digital and construction where all students have the equal opportunity to explore, experiment, create and present art works.

The emphasis is to provide students with key skills and techniques appropriate to each method as well as having fun creating their own unique art works.

                                                                                       Students are encouraged to explore, think and create!

Where appropriate the Visual Arts program provides cross-curricular links to Level Inquiry units, generating strong cultural, social and educational bonds.

Art history and its relevance to our society, both local and globally, is explored during art lessons as well as investigating art works created from different cultures around the world. Students are encouraged to give their thoughts, beliefs, ideas and opinions about art works created by artists using appropriate arts terminology.

In art lessons, the students are taught how to be organised in their approach to tasks. Positive self-esteem is always promoted as well as individual thought and originality. They are encouraged to remain focused on tasks and to show resilience by modifying their ideas where necessary. The students are taught to be conservative in the use of resources and to show respect for others and property.

Displaying the artwork is an important aspect of the program. The presentation varies from showcasing within the classroom, hallways or library to whole school collaborations, such as our Community Garden and Murals.