Flourishing Families

Flourishing Families is a series of 5 parent sessions, which allow families within our Bayswater community to explore the key principles of Positive Education, a pilot initiative adopted by all schools in Maroondah.

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Our staff and students across our schools continue to explore, practice and embed key concepts of Positive Education and we would like to share this common language of wellbeing. Throughout these sessions we aim to create an awareness of how Character Strengths, Growth Mindset, Positive Emotions and Positive Relationships can help us thrive and flourish individually and collectively.

We have a wonderful opportunity for you, as parents, to learn more about Positive Education and how you can continue to enhance your own wellbeing, as well as support the wellbeing of your children, both at home, at school and within the wider community. These sessions will be hosted by Edwina Ricci, the Project Manager for the Maroondah Positive Education Network.

What will be covered in the 5 sessions?
Session 1 - What is Positive Education?
An introduction to Flourishing…’feeling good and doing good’.
Session 2 - Exploring Strengths - Strength-based parenting
Understanding and spotting strengths in ourselves and others.
Session 3 - Emotional Management
Understanding the importance of creating positive emotions for ourselves and others and the ability to identify, label and manage all emotions.
Session 4 - Relationships
Exploring the importance of developing high quality connections and relationships.
Session 5 - Mindsets for flourishing
Exploring mindfulness and the mindsets we need to flourish.

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