The Bayswater Education Plan

The Victorian Government is transforming local education through the Bayswater Education Plan.


What is the Baywater Education Plan?

The Bayswater Education Plan (the Plan) aims to build pride and confidence in our government schools and focus on the wellbeing, engagement and achievement of all children and young people in Bayswater.

It will also provide a framework to map infrastructure needs so that our students have access to the facilities essential for them to reach their full potential.


Who is involved in the Plan?

The Plan will formally connect five local schools (one secondary and four primary).

The schools involved in the Plan include our school, Bayswater Secondary College,

The Plan continually seeks your input and the support and knowledge of the wider local community such as local industry, business, early childhood, and tertiary providers. This not only strengthens future partnerships, but ensures we capture the educational needs of our local community to deliver them in our local schools.


What is being delivered?

From the 2020-21 state-wide Planning and Acceleration fund, the Plan was allocated $500,000 in planning funding.

Additionally, Bayswater Secondary College has received $12.43m to upgrade and modernise facilities.

Schools have been working hard to support and progress the Plan. There is more work to be done, and it’s an exciting space to be in for the five schools and the wider community.

Our school, along with the other four schools in the Plan, took part in school, staff, parent and broader community engagement activities. These shared voices will steer the direction of the Plan to make sure it represents the educational needs and aspirations of our local community.

For information and updates surrounding the latest building works and the community engagement report, head to as well as the VSBA Facebook page -


How can I get involved?

Whether a student, parent, family member, carer, staff member, educator and/or member of the local community, the Plan will benefit you. Your involvement in shaping the Plan continues to hold it accountable to ensure the highest quality education for local students.

We encourage all community members to have an active voice of the Bayswater Education Plan. It is a long-term investment and that means we need the local community to be involved in the journey to ensure the plan reflects our needs and goals. We’ll strive to keep our school community updated through our website and newsletters, or you can get in touch with us directly.



For more information on how our school is working with the Plan contact Brooke Cross.


For more information on the broader vision and ongoing activities of the Plan contact:
Denise Kotsikas – Project Director, Bayswater Education Plan
+61 3 7505 4308