2022 Bayswater Primary School Staff


School Leadership Team


Principal Brooke Cross
Wellbeing Coordinator Kelly Roberts
Learning Specialist Angela Shrimpton

Classroom Teachers

Prep S

Angela Shrimpton 

Kat Arico

1M Renee Marshall
2A Petar Alavanja
3K Kaitlyn Kile

Fiona Calamante
Kelly Roberts


Mel Hancock


Specialist Teachers


L.O.T.E. - Mandarin Class Teachers
Physical Education  Rochelle Slade
Visual Arts  Rosie Campbell-Miller
Science Kat Arico
Fast Track Tutor Karen Hocking
Educational Support Staff  
  Michelle Moran
  Jo Goodman 
 School Chaplain TBA

Administrative Staff


Business Manager  Raelene Clark

Technical Staff


Library Technician  Michelle Moran
I.T. Technician 

Joel Porter




































Please Note: The preferred method of contacting teachers is through the school email : bayswater.ps@education.vic.gov.au

Alternatively you can leave a voicemail message by calling the school on 9721 3755 and then dialling '3'