Message from the Principal


Thank you for your interest in Bayswater Primary School.  We are proud of the education we offer and are especially proud of our students.  We focus on providing opportunities for each student to develop skills that will support them whilst at our school, and stay with them beyond their school days.  I hope our website provides you with an insight into what it means to be a student and part of the Bayswater Primary School community. Our Annual Report, Annual Implementation Plan and School Strategic Plan provide further detailed information about the school.


The school's dedicated and energetic team of teachers is committed to maximising each child's potential, providing a nurturing environment where children thrive and develop a love of learning. Particular features of our school are our stimulating teaching and learning programs, a whole school welfare program and the use of digital technologies.


Our size of under 200 students enables every child to be well-known to staff and other students and provides opportunities to participate in a wider range of activities. Whilst offering families a smaller school experience, we offer a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum, plenty of safe and spacious

 play areas, and a variety of extra programs.

Our school values of Confidence, Integrity, Persistence and Resilience are constantly reinforced and recognised throughout the year. As Principal of this amazing school, I am immensely proud of the strong and supportive community culture that exists here. The potential of this school is endless. I am especially excited to be working with such an enthusiastic, capable and professional staff and committed and hard working school council. I am looking forward to the wonderful things that we can achieve as a school community.

As an educator with more than 25 years experience, I firmly believe in the importance of valuing children’s individual differences and diversity and working to foster a sense of belonging. I work closely with teachers and support staff to motivate students to do their best and extend their own personal limits, making learning exciting, interesting, meaningful and relevant for every student. I invite you to contact the school office on 

9721-3755 to make an appointment with me to discuss your child’s needs and to go on a school tour.  Alternatively you can book a tour online by clicking on the contact us tab on this website. 

Brooke Cross