COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

I very much appreciate your emails and messages of support. We have tried hard to ensure clear and concise communication at this uncertain time. Often things are changing so frequently that updates are obsolete before they are even sent.
The State Government has declared today tobe the final day of Term 1. 

This means that students will have an additional four days of holidays this week. The first day of Term 2 is still a student free day, so all being well, our students will begin Term 2 on Wednesday 15th April.

This morning we have been notified of the following:

Most students will start their school holidays from the end of today. We will dismiss the students at 3.30pm.

Our school will remain staffed over the next 4 days, Tuesday 24th – Friday 27th March for children where both parents (or one parent for single parents) are employed as an “essential worker”. You can only send your child to school, for all (or any) of the four days mentioned above, if you are currently working in the following areas:

- The hospital sector
- Electricity services
- Water supply services
- Police and the armed forces
- Firefighting services
- Public or private prison services
- Provision of food
- Air traffic control
- Elevator services 

If you have been choosing NOT to send your child to school recently, you do not need to take any action.
Your children begin school holidays this afternoon.
If you do NOT currently work in one of the employment fields listed above, you do not need to take any action. Your children begin school holidays this afternoon.
If you currently work in one of the industries listed above, and do not have any other care options, and would like your children cared for by teachers and support staff, for the rest of this week (for 1, 2, 3 or 4 days), please contact the school office immediately and let us know.
I wish to thank the teachers and support staff who have offered to work here for the rest of this week. We will have the majority of our normal staff on duty each day. Please note, staff will be asked to supervise a ‘care type’ program, given the much smaller numbers we expect and the mixed ages of the children. They will not be delivering an education program.

The following arrangements are in place from today:

- Remote Learning may commence from Wednesday 15th April IF schools are unable to reopen at that time. There will be no remote learning in place during the three week term break.
- This afternoon all students will bring home a learning from home pack which is for all remote learning work. This will contain work and resources that are needed for learning and any timetabling suggestions or instructions. We ask that all remote learning activities are completed in student workbooks and the books are returned to school at the end of the remote learning period. Teachers have spoken with students about the importance of maintaining high standards – personal best work at all times.

- Any families who have chosen not to send their children to school today are welcome to collect the learning from home packs from the school office any day this week. It is important all families have these at home.

- Students will bring their pencil cases containing any stationery that is needed for remote learning.

- Junior students do not have pencil cases but we hope that writing and drawing materials are available at home.

- All asthma puffers and medications will be sent home today (or they can be collected from the office during the week if needed).

- Please read the letter from your child’s teacher that is attached to their learning from home pack.

This contains important information about how your child’s teacher will communicate with you and provide feedback and assessment during this period.

We know this will be a challenging time for all families both financially and emotionally. If you need support please contact us, and we can link you with agencies who can support as needed.

Finally, please remember to hug your children every day and remember how precious they are.

Thank you everyone for your support.

All the best,

Brooke Cross


Bayswater Primary School