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Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil und Freunde

Darren's Schnappi image

                Image created by Darren (Grade 6) in Powerpoint

NEW! Schnappi und seine Freunde webquest

About Schnappi (Wikipedia)


Lesson ideas:
Watch the video clip of Schnappi or Lama. 
Listen to the song. Discuss new vocabulary. 
Text can be presented as a cloze activity.  

More Schnappi and friends material can be found at:

Grade 5/6 students perform their Schnappi rhyme

Zehn kleine Schnappis rhyme 

Practise this clapping rhyme (Inge Imberger, Vic):

Schnappi schnappi, schnipp schnipp         hands
Schnappi schnappi, schnapp schnapp
Schnappi schnipp, schnappi schnapp
Schnappi Schnappi,
schnipp schnapp

Ein Lama in Yokohama:

Lama Wordfind 

Lama labelling activity pdf (level 2)

Cloze activity and Aufgaben (Kristin Jaenicke, Geelong Vic) 

Lama lyrics worksheet (Jaclyn Curnow, Vic)

Lama film clip worksheet (Jaclyn Curnow, Vic)

paper Schnappi

Create your own Schnappi from template here (BBC)

 or these from DLTK or First – School

Schnappi cloze activity (Paula Hay, Qld)

Schnappi sentence sequencing (Veronika Wood, Vic)

Schnappi wordsearch (Marietta Wetzig, Qld)

The song 'Mahlzeit' as a cloze activity (Marietta Wetzig, Qld) 


Thanks for sharing the following activities:

 Schnappi einmal anders...( Roger Ganderton, QLD)

Ich bin Springi, das kleine Känguruh
Komm' aus Australien, und woher kommst du?
Zuerst lag ich in Mamas Bauch
Dann spring, sprung, sprang ich ganz schnell 'raus.


Schnappi wordfind (level 4) (created at

Schnappi Wordbank (level 3) and bingo board template

Schnappi booklet (level 2) - sentences to trace over and fold to create booklet.

Schnappi labelling activity (level 1) - label body parts (Vic. Cursive)

Other crocodile related resources:

Theophil das Krokodil (video)

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