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Märchen of the Month

Märchen of the Month for April - Hänsel and Gretel!

Haensel & Gretel

Read either the German version from the Gutenberg site, this simpler version or this English version.

Hansel and Gretel sequencing and colouring activity

Listen to the audio clip of Hänsel und Gretel and try to identify the speaker(needs Real Player).

Hänsel & Gretel has its own song. Click here.

Hänsel & Gretel – text and audio and song

Choose one of the following exercises to complete:

A sequencing activity devised by Roxy McGuire: Hier ist eine Schülerarbeit zu Hänsel und Gretel.

Here you will find directions on building a Pfefferkuchenhaus by Ria Hanewald.
There are exercises for you to work through. Come, take a look!

To illustrate your lovely work you might like to print off and colour in this picture of a Pfefferkuchenhaus.

Here is an activity devised by Resi Schwarzbauer for students to make Hänsel & Gretel finger puppets and a Lebkuchenhaus to store them in. Why don't you print off this page and make your own puppets?

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