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The Grimm Brothers
Grimm Brothers

Do you know the story of the Grimm Brothers?
They were two brothers called Jakob and Wilhelm who lived in Germany in the first half of the 19th century. 
They were born in Hanau. They worked together for their entire lives. They were fascinated by poetry and old legends and travelled throughout Germany to collect all the tales that were traditionally told round the hearths of village cottages.
Their first book of tales, the "Kinder und Hausmärchen", was a great success in Germany and abroad. In Germany it was the most reprinted book after Luther's bible. Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm were also great scholars, researching the origin and development of the German language. They lived and worked in Kassel for many years and they were both made professors at Berlin University.

Information on the Grimm Brothers (in German) can be found at the Gutenberg Project site.

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Information on the Grimm Brothers (in German) from the site.

Grimm Brothers Chronology

Grimmnetz Die Brüder Grimm: Zeittafel


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