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Notebook Lessons: Easiteach files: Alien Language – Body Parts: (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish): BBC – Primary German: Channel 4:Extra - Online Zeitschrift: Confucius Classrooms (Chinese Language and Culture): DEECD AUS - Languages Online:

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‘The Learning Federation’ Learning Objects and Digital resources

Access is available to Victorian Government teachers via edumail pin number and password. Foreign Languages Teaching Ideas: Interactive resources for French and Spanish: KLAR Languages Online – UK: - An Interactive German Learning Tour:  Learning & Teaching Scotland - Hennings Haus: Northumberland Grid for Learning-Modern Language resources:

The Euro:

Goldlöckchen und die drei Baren:


Die drei Ziegenböcke: Lingua Central-German @ MFL Games: Literacy Center Net: MFL Sunderland resources: Newbury Park Primary - Learn German: Curriculumbits – Interactive online Library: Primary Resources-Modern Foreign Languages-German: Quia Games in German: Index of German Games: The Voyage Kids – Stories & Songs (German):



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