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Scavenger Hunt - Eine Reise durch Deutschland.

Bayswater Primary School students,  Step 1: Open another browser window to the Intranet page, and click on "send an email with Netspace" , click on "compose" and cut and paste your answers.

Step 1 for anyone else: Open an emailenvelope to send your results. Then answer the 10 questions by finding information on a number of different websites.


If you need some general information on Germany,  or if one of the links below doesn't work, visit this site Germany Tourism de or this one: Findulinbefore completing the quiz below.

1. What is the capital city of Germany? What is the population of Germany? Germany map button
Click on the picture and scroll through the information at this site.

2. Click here. Deutschland banner Name Germany's 16 States. 

3. Click on the picture to get the weather information for Berlin.  weather picture

4. Click here 1 Euro to find out how many Euros you can get for $100 AUS? 

5. This is the coat of arms for Munich. Munich coat of arms This city is famous for a world famous festival. What is it called and when is it held? (This page is available in both German and English).

6. The Volkswagen beetle is undoubtedly the "best" car in the world. List two facts about it that you found from this site. animated VW

7. Click on the picture Bach portrait to find out who this person is, what he was famous for and when he lived.

8. What is the name of the city linked to this story ? The Bremen Town Musicians Write down the German names of the animals in the story.

9. Who is the guy with the long hair and nails (no it's not Edward Scissorhands)? Struwwelpeter Learn the german names for some body parts at this site before you go on to read the story.

10. Find and list three interesting facts about Regensburg Regensburg coat of arms from this site.

Email your results envelopehere.

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last updated: 29th May 2007